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2014-07-24 17:15:29 by BrujaBear

Hiyah, I'm Jazmin, a new artist here on Newgrounds. To put things simply: I'm a chubby, Art majoring, asexual, feminist, Mexican woman who loves to draw and create stories.

My artistic interests revolve around:

  • Animation: I have a joy in watching the progress of animation and the life that comes from the work. Inspirations include James Baxter, Mamoru Hosoda, Walt Disney, Brad Bird, Hayao Miyazaki, and Henry Selick. Their work are all diverse from each other, and I find so much beauty in each of their story telling.
  • History and Culture: The source of all my work. I love taking history oriented classes for this reason, and I grew a love for studying the different kinds of societies on Earth. My favorite topic is the sex and gender roles of nations and fashion norms. My favorite areas would probably be Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Spain, the Americas, and Japan.
  • Fictional writing: My favorite web comics are Lackadaisy (Butler), Unsounded (Cope), Octopus (Gran), and Ava's Demon (Czajkowski). Favorite manga: Fullmetal Alchemist (Arakawa), Black Butler (Toboso), Fruits Basket (Takaya), Yotsuba& (Azuma), and Hellsing (Hirano). Favorite literary books/authors: The Communist Manifesto (Marx), The Harry Potter series (Rowling), 1984 (Orwell), Angels and Demons (Brown), Silent Spring (Carson), The Prince (Machiavelli), The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Hugo), The Count of Monte Cristo (Dumas), Frankenstein (Shelley), Queen's Own Fool (Yolen & Harris), and any myths and fables. 

I have a few stories that I am seriously planning to create and will also be posting information and illustrations about them as well. Right now I am focusing on three stories:

  • Robin and The Vulture: Robin Castor is a town scapegoat who lost her foster parent, but is unexpectedly paired with her unknown god father who reveals himself as a witch under the name, Vulture. 
  • Ikigai: Saki Ohayashi is a young naive woman who travels to Japan to begin a new life, however, her mysterious mental illness tends to bring up her ever haunting past.
  • Coalesce: Roann Hellenvaine, a homebody farmer, is forced to embark on an adventure to find his prophet sister, stop the Race World War, and unite his four other quintuplet brothers of legend.


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2014-07-25 01:42:49

Lackadaisy is one of the most beautiful online web comics that I have seen and read ^^
I just spent some time in your gallery! You have some serious talent >u<
Your characters sound really quite interesting, and I hope someday to read your stories.
Have a good day!

BrujaBear responds:

wow thanks! and you have a great day too!
also some great taste: lackadaisy is bomb!